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The United Republic of Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa.

Formed out of the union of two sovereign states namely Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

Tanzania is the biggest (land area) of the East Africa countries It has a spectacular landscape of mainly three physiographic regions namely the Islands and the coastal plains to the east; the highlands and the inland saucer-shaped plateau.

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The Great Rift Valley that runs from north east of Africa through central Tanzania is another landmark that adds to the scenic view of the country

Tanzania has a tropical climate. In the highlands, temperatures range between 100c and 200c.during cold and hot seasons respectively. The rest of the country has temperatures never falling lower than 200c. The hottest period spreads between November and February (250c - 310c) while the coldest period occurs between May and August (150c - 200c).

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Two rainfall regimes exist over Tanzania. To the north rain falls in December - April in southern, south-west, central and western parts of the country the March - May rains are referred to as the long rains or Masika, whereas the October - December rains are generally known as short rains or Vuli.

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