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Tanzania - Support a pastor's family

My name is Stella, the wife of Pastor Lotie, I I was born in Malawi in 1984,unfortunately when my mother was pregnant with me my father left her and to this day I have never seen him. When I was about five my mother remarried but he left as well. This cycle repeated itself until there were six children all from different fathers. With lack of parental support my life was retched until I accepted Christ to be my Savior, this helped me so much since I was encouraged by my fellow Christians.

At an early age my mother through me out of the house in the early hours of the morning. I had to travel 23 KM to my aunt who accepted me into her home.

One year later I heard about a certain school which was assisting children who were living in the difficult situation. I went and explain to them, they accepted me, whilst there I studied tailoring.

Seen below with Ramona and her brother in law Adam in Tanzania

Ramona seen here with Stella and Lottie's brother Adam

However my desire is to study the computer so I can assist my husband, Pastor Lotie in his ministry the UCT Tanzania representative.

When Ramona, the missionary sponsored by UCT, was in Tanzania we found an office and we now need sponsorship for me to study so I can be of assistance to this mighty African ministry. My husband has a great calling on his life and I am there to help him in any way I can. Your help in sponsorship for my education will not return void.


Click to enlarge - Stella outside the Hafez Institute

I wanted to study computer programmes in Dar es Salaam. This would assist me in helping my husband in the UCT Tanzania office.

Praise the Lord a sponsor has been found and I have started at the Hafez Institute

The school is Hafes Institute it is famous since every student has access to a personal computer unlike other schools.

Seen here outside the school and below with a Muslim friend.

The following are the courses offered by the school.

Office application
Graphics and design
Information Technology
Computer maintenance
Database management

Stella and friend

Meet my son Joshua

Meet my husband Pastor Lotieh Akondowe is a Tanzanian Pator and United Caribbean Trust's Tanzania representative.

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