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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative CARRIACOU - Cassada Bay
- Italian Working Holiday April 2005


"My name is Simona (Simo for friends), I was born and live in Bologna.
I'm an accountant and computer programmer, but also have a degree in foreign languages and literatures (for both philological studies and language teaching).

I love animals and nature, but also poetry, music and fitness.

I've already made a working holiday experience in a farm in Belgium (painting, horse caring, fences mending, cooking, cleaning, etc.)... one of the best summers in my life! "

That was before she came to Barbados.. seen here at the Crane.

"I'm Piero. I was born in Bologna (North-Eastern Italy)

I played American football for 12 years, in Italy and USA.

At the moment, I'm studying Medical Dentistry and I'm near to be a dentist - finally!"

Thank to Caribbean Star for reduced rates

Seen here leaving on Caribbean Star for their flight to Grenada where they were met by Tony one of the UCT volunteers and escourted on the ferry to Carriacou. Thanks to Caribbean Star for special United Caribbean discounted flights.

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