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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT TRUST-

United Caribbean Trust is currently seeking International funding so as to continue the organization’s humanitarian programmes Partnering with the London based, Caribbean Development Trust. It was a pleasure to meet in London with their Chairman, Dr Johnson, who is optimistic that their diverse organisation can forge a serious and formidable bond with United Caribbean Trust in the delivery of much needed resources for the Caribbean. The U.C team will be instrumental in compiling a data base of small businesses and micro-enterprises in Grenada for the Caribbean Development Trust, so as to provide mentoring and guidance to this sector, which employs an approximate 55% of the island’s work force.

Rehabilitation projects integral to the vulnerable communities including health care and education are on going and now with the ability to raise funds these programmes can surge ahead.

Caribbean Development Trust (UK) is a community organisation conceived out of the devastation and suffering experienced by Grenadians, Jamaicans, Vincentians and Cayman Islanders in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, which struck on September 8th, 9th and 10th 2004 respectively.

CDT (UK) was formed with the precise notion that Caribbean people have long been susceptible and vulnerable to natural disasters, more particularly hurricanes. Providing socio-economic relief quickly and proactively through strategic local and international partnerships is paramount to the Trust’s ethos.

It is our mission to push the boundaries to work across insularities to address the issues of the Caribbean. Sustainable development through socio-economic and culturally sensitive projects is our main thrust with a view to enabling Caribbean nations to carry-on long after an unforseen disaster has struck. Our mandate is to provide the Region the tools to sustain itself in a multiplicity of areas for a protracted period.


To provide and support socio-economic sustainable development programmes to Caribbean people in the Region through co-operation, collaboration and strategic alliances;
To develop, maintain and support innovative projects designed to modernise Caribbean economies through emerging technologies in construction, urban design and rural development;
To initiate, manage and support technically sound and accredited training programmes in management, business and the arts aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and women; while sensitising them to the many opportunities that exist within the Cultural Industries sector in the Caribbean;
To design, implement and support non-conventional fundraising activities through the entertainment communications medium that will bring Caribbean people throughout the Diaspora together in celebration of the Region’s rich heritage.

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