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CARRIACOU - relief objectives

Carriacou property lossIn the wake of Hurricane Ivan, United Caribbean, a collaborative effort of NGO’s and private sector organizations have collected, transported and distributed relief supplies in a sincere attempt to assist the Government relief forces, who are carrying out a sterling effort under severely extenuating conditions on the island of Grenada.

In an effort to relieve the pressure on an already stressed environment and to identify a base close by and accessible to the coastal cities and villages of northern Grenada affected by the storm, the island of Carriacou was chosen as the Headquarters for United Caribbean.

Less traumatized than Grenada, Carriacou’s proximity is such that supplies were able to be ferried into Gouyave and the surrounding areas at reasonable cost, and communications and utilities had been re-established.


The United Caribbean team, on the first visit, met immediately with community leaders,The United Caribbean team, on the first visit, met immediately with community leaders, accomplishing some significant successes and assessing the vulnerable sectors within the community.

The United Caribbean Primary Relief Team worked tirelessly to integrate gently into the Carriacou community which, although not as extensively damaged as Grenada, had over 500 properties damaged or destroyed. To date, United Caribbean team have received significant support from all with whom we have been in contact, and toured, viewed and photo documented property damages.

Ministry of Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs. Many islands residents were interviewed and we were warmly welcomed by the Ministry of Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs. The Carriacou Disaster Preparedness Committee, whose correspondence prompted our Carriacou decision, have been extremely cooperative and we are grateful for all the kind assistance received, regionally. The efforts of United Caribbean are now being supported and augmented by NGO’s teams from Trinidad andn Tobago and St. Vincent, joining Primary Team 1 from Barbados, on the ground in Grenada to assist with community rebuilding efforts.

Prior to leaving Carriacou, United Caribbean met with CICERO and are pleased at the synergies developed, working in association with a Kayak NGO. United Caribbean is committed to assisting with sourcing relief supplies, fund-seeking, and assisting with the development of human resource skills, info-sharing on disaster preparedness and empowering the existing rapid response service. United Caribbean desires to work with local NGO’s to collate and disseminate data and information related to Natural and Technological Disasters and will work closely with local National Emergency Relief Organization, the International Red Cross and other related agencies.

At the request of the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs and the Carriacou Disaster Preparedness Committee, it is United Caribbean's intention to continue to facilitate the collection of additional supplies, plus monitor relief needs, especially those of the vulnerable sector. These efforts will be documented and submitted to relevant agencies for action. It is hoped that such inputs will assist with informing a revised Disaster Management Policy for the Caribbean Region. Such a policy revision is urgently needed to reduce the impact of similar events on the Caribbean’s island nations.

Inputs include:

• documentation of damages at physical sites for study and review of building policies;
• assessment and recommendations for decentralized relief capabilities and efficiency;
• assessment of the psychological impact on both residents and local economies.
• recommendation for poverty alleviation strategies and empowerment of residents.
• assessment of vulnerable sectors; and
• recommendations based upon lessons learned.

There are invaluable lessons to be learned from Ivan the Catalyst which can be applied to other island’s recovery efforts. Information disseminated by www.UnitedCaribbean.com can only add to the region’s current capacity for efficient disaster management including prompt response to both citizen’s needs, as well as the restoration and/or rebuilding of the island infrastructure.


Primary Team 2 left Barbados on Friday, 17 September 2004 at approx 2200 hrs aboard the Barbados based vessel, RUVINT.

In addition to a full hold, much deck space was also used to carry the almost over 800lbs of relief supplies and seven members team led by project coordinator Dawnay R. St. John .

Meet the team

United Caribbean team leaving Barbados heading for Carriacou
The Nation newspaper group representatives, veteran photographer, Mr. Charles Grant The Primary Team was joined by The Nation newspaper group representatives, veteran photographer, Mr. Charles Grant and a female reporter en route to Grenada.
The boat was captained by Mr. Davy Crockett and Joe, his mate. The boat 'Ruvint' is owned by Tony Pooler 'Sparkie' and a special thanks must go to him for his help and support in this venture. Mr. Davy Crockett and Joe took us saftly to Carriacou, thank you
Ruvint a safe calm crossing to Carriacou

The crossing was made in approx 12 hours, God was good to us the sea was calm the sky was clear and the team slept on deck under the stars.

arriving at Petit Martinique, 10:10am, Saturday 18 September 2004.

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