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Centre d’Encadrement d’Enfants Rescapés Non Accompagnés et Orphelins

Centre for Empowerment of Refugees And Orphans (CERAO) is a Congolese non-governmental organization, founded on March 30th 1996 in Goma, in the province of North-Kivu. The report rendered by the General Assembly of the organisation states as follows: “After carefully having examined the severe problems of homeless children and orphans, the General Assembly deems it proper and necessary to create a foundation to


The main objectives and aims of the organization are:

1. To demobilize children engaged In armed conflicts
2. To search and find children separated from their parents through the war and reunite them with their families
3. To procure foster homes for orphans
4. To spread information about conventions granting children’s rights
5. To create necessary basic structures offering urgent medical aid
6. To provide care and support to children affected by HIV/Aids
7. To give support to families with children that have been compelled to leave their homes due to civil war
8. To collaborate with and to give support to other organizations working for children and adolescents.

In May 2003 CERAO moved its headquarters from Goma to Beni, another densely populated town in the province of North Kivu, in the north-eastern corner of the DRC. From here our NGO collaborates with a number of other organisations, in order to achieve the aims stated in the statutes, and CERAO has become a major agent in the process of supporting children.


Chief Executive Officer: SHANDWE LUANDA PINOS
Address: 1496 Triole St
Ottawa, Ontario,

Email: or

Tel (Mobile) (613) 501 1737

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