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Malawi is a very small country located along the western shores of Lake Malawi in southeast Africa. Its landscape is varied and presents four types of terrain: the Great Rift Valley, highlands, mountains and the central plateau.

Lake Malawi is the third biggest lake in Africa. The climate in this country is sub-tropical with a rainy season from November to May -- when the majority of farming activity is done -- and a dry season from June to October.

Malawi is one of the dozen poorest nations in the world, and one of the hardest hit by AIDS. According to the UNAIDS "Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic" for 2002.
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Malawi's population of 11 million counted some 850,000 living with H.I.V. infection or AIDS at the end of last year. The granny's left to care for their orohaned gran-children has reached staggering proportions.


The current famine affecting central and southern Africa has only added to the country's woes.

Country Statistics: 2005

Population Estimates: 11,572 Million:
• Children 0-18 Years: 5,350,000
• Children 0-6 Years: 2,777,000
• Population living under poverty line (less than a dollar per day): 65%
• Children that are stunted: 49%
• Infant Mortality Rate: 104
• Under Five Mortality Rate: 189
• Maternal Mortality Rate: 1, 120
• Prevalence Rate of HIV & AIDS: 14.1%
• HIV prevalence in childbearing women: 16-30%
• Number of children who are orphaned: 937, 000 17.5%
• Number & Percentage of orphans due to HIV & AIDS: 468, 000 (49.9%)
• Percentage of Under Five Orphans due to HIV & AIDS: 110, 000 (24%)
• Access to preschool services: 5.8% of the children 65 years and below.
• Preschool teachers trained: 34% of the teachers.

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