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Dominica Sports Evangelism

Sports Evangelism is one of the major niche markets United Caribbean Trust (UCT) is targeting.


Seen here the Haiti football team sponsored by UCT

Our mission is to reach and help other's reach the lost world through sports with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our objectives are

• To educate, encourage and partner with outreaching churches, ministries and individuals in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ using sport and leisure evangelism.
• To assemble, co-ordinate, train and activate local area interdenominational teams to evangelize through sport in the countries that God calls us to.
• To support and encourage specific sport ministries in fulfilling their calling in the Kingdom of God.
• To form relationships with, help disciple and prepare for sports ministry, sport's men and women who serve Jesus Christ.
• To reach and assist schools and sport's clubs, providing sporting resources and quality coaching.
• To help unite the body of Christ through team work and outreaches.
• To teach sport's participants God's plan for them in the sporting arena.

UCT is researching the possibility of introducing Kicking AIDS Out of Dominica.

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Kicking AIDS Out is an international Network of organisations working together to use sport and physical activity as a means of raising awareness about HIV and AIDS and motivating behaviour change among youth.

The network shares information and best practices. It promotes policy development, shares resource material and represents a forum for exchange and discussion.

Kicking AIDS Out is an approach of combining sports activities and addressing HIV/AIDS

Why Sport?

  • Sport is a fun and exciting way to draw people together that creates an environment conducive to sharing positive mesages about HIV and AIDS and other health related issues.
  • It provides opportunities to influence knowledge and behaviour through the creation of meaningful mentorig relationships between participants, Peer Leaders and coaches.
  • There is the potential to emphasize and enhance the life skill learning that is already inherent in participating in sports.
  • Empowering the youth with a signficant role in organising and facilitating the physical activities further capatalises on the power of sport to teach valuable life lessons.

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