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The first thing to do is ensure that all family members are safe... Take account that an emergency to some persons is unexpected and they react differently.

  • Assess the damage to the house
  • Do not touch broken cables
  • Do not smoke inside the house or use an open flame until you make sure there are no inflammable substances
  • Contact the emergency committee in your community
  • Do not be curious and go to other areas which have been affected

It is clear that in the case of a fire you have to evacuate the house but in other types of emergencies it depends on a number of factors...

  1. Possible area of protection in the house
  2. The dangers in the areas that surround the house
  3. Time needed to go to a safe place

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  • How to leave in a safe and orderly manner
  • Taking into account special needs of members of the family (babies, elderly or disabled)
  • Decide before hand where to meet, how to get in touch with each other if one of you is not at home when the emergency strikes.
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