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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative

Creating No-cost and Low-cost Projects

Many communities have been able to achieve significant mitigation results with little or no funding.

What could we do?

Brainstorm projects that can be accomplished with little or no funding.

Brainstorm activities that could be accomplished by volunteer forces.

Consider forming a committee to become involved in local building code, zoning, and other issues that can affect mitigation efforts. Identify individuals to serve who already understand some of the technical concerns or who are willing to become educated on the subject.

Committee responsibilities could include:
• Researching and targeting areas of local code and zoning that could be changed or modified to lessen threats and loss of property from disasters
• Drafting policy for the larger mitigation group to consider
• Spearheading advocacy campaigns to effect changes to local codes and zoning
• Attending official meetings regarding planning and zoning, changes to building and fire codes, and relevant meetings of local governmental bodies
• Meeting with members of local government (City Council, mayor, etc.), planning and zoning committee, and code enforcement officers to discuss mitigation efforts and concerns
• Educating self and constituency about topic
• Finding allies, i.e., firefighters, planning and zoning officials Community-based Pre-Disaster Mitigation for CBOs/FBOs

Easy-to-Implement Low/No-Cost Mitigation Projects

• Remove all debris from culverts, streams, and channels to allow the free flow of potential
• Clean storm drains and gutters, and remove debris from residential properties to allow free flow of potential floodwater.

• Move shrubs and other landscaping away from the sides of homes, public buildings, businesses.
• Clear dead brush and grass from properties so that it will not be there to fuel a spreading fire.

• Install cabinet locks.
• Secure televisions, computers, or other heavy appliances and equipment using flexible straps.
• Anchor bookshelves/large cabinets to walls.
• Strap water heaters to walls.

• Secure or remove items that could become projectiles in high winds.

• Establish a community tool-lending library.
• Provide instructions and tools to assist homeowners with disaster mitigation.
• Simple activities include making cabinets more earthquake-proof or raising water heaters and other
appliances to avoid flood damage

Identifying and Implementing Projects Within Your Program

Sourced from FEMA

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