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Examples of Success

Learning Objectives: Learn to identify characteristics of successful projects as well as potential obstacles to success and ways to overcome them.

Examples of Successful CBO/FBO Integration in Local Pre-disaster Mitigation

The following are examples of successful local pre-disaster mitigation projects. Note how integration of CBOs/FBOs was achieved in each case.

Brainstorm to identify elements in the success stories that are relatively simple to emulate as ways to involve CBOs/FBOs in potential mitigation projects.

Evansville, IN
In Evansville, IN, a project to help residents of two neighborhoods strap down their hot water heaters was
done by the Disaster Resistant Community Corp. (DRC) along with CBOs/FBOs and the neighborhood’s
Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). The local building inspector helped organize the event and
train volunteers.
Materials for strapping down the hot water heaters were provided to residents in these two neighborhoods free of charge. Installation help was provided by the CERT and CBO/FBO members to residents who needed someone to do the actual work. There was no charge for this service.
Strapping down hot water heaters keeps them from falling over and causing gas leaks and possible fires, as well as providing 30 gallons of fresh water if water lines are damaged in an earthquake. In all, almost 40 water heaters were strapped down by volunteers, and kits for strapping down water heaters were distributed to another 30 households.

Polk County, MO
In Polk County, MO, a team formed to complete what became known as the “Bare Ditch Project.” Various organizations, civic groups, and schools came together at 24 locations across the county to clear the drainages of debris and other obstructing items. The goal was to provide preventative maintenance by removing debris that collects and stops proper water drainage through drainage ditches, which can lead to
flooding. In all, 47 community groups and 252 volunteers came out and worked 829 hours to accomplish the drainage clearing. Ouachita Parish, LA
The Ouachita Multi-Purpose Community Action Program (OMCAP) and its community partners worked
together to rehabilitate structures in a lower-income area of Monroe, LA. The Group Work Camp project consisted of a hurricane preparedness drill, the rehabilitation of 50 homes, cutting weeds and vegetation management, and the development of mitigation strategies for an encephalitis outbreak (clearing standing water). The project mitigated a number of natural and technological hazards in addition to improving the
quality of life for participating families:
• Debris removal
• Weatherizing homes
• Roof repairs
• Minor structural repairs
• Disseminating educational materials

Partners included the City of Monroe (police, fire), City of West Monroe American Red Cross, United Way,
Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Fair Park Baptist Church Men’s Group, and Ouachita Parish Civil Defense, among

Brattleboro, VT
In Brattleboro, VT, a group of volunteers from local agencies and CBOs worked together to retrofit local childcare centers against earthquake damage. The group contacted the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) for advice on how to assess the needs of these facilities to increase the safety for the children. Once the assessments were completed, it was decided that the needs included anchoring bookcases, bracketing shelves, and velcroing pictures and knick-knacks to keep them from falling

Mitigation Challenges

Sourced from FEMA

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