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Recognizing Volunteers and Partners

It’s very important to recognize everyone who supports your program. There are many ways to say thanks that
cost little or nothing, and they all are appreciated. Recognition and thanks should be a continuous activity – it’s
crucial to building and sustaining momentum.
Brainstorm ways to recognize volunteers and partners. Recognition will vary depending on personalities and
preferences. Possibilities include:
• An annual volunteer and partner banquet or other special event
• A picnic or other special conclusion to a volunteer activity
• Distribution of small donated gifts such as ball caps
• Formal recognition, such as plaques and certificates
• Special awards for service “above and beyond”
• Recognition from a prominent local official or community leader
• Recognition from local, state, and Federal agencies
• Handwritten thank you notes
• Email thank you notes
• A note to the volunteer’s supervisor, thanking him/her for allowing the volunteer to
• Who else can you use to say thanks?

Sourced from FEMA

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