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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative UNITED CARIBBEAN TRUST-Caribbean Mitigation Workshops

Setting up an Organizational Workshop

Design an initial organizational workshop

• Who should be invited?
• What is the optimum number of participants?
• How should they be contacted and by whom?
• How much background information on mitigation will need to be conveyed?
• What other information will participants need to make a decision about getting involved in community-based mitigation programs?
• What instructional and other materials/equipment will be needed and how will we obtain them?
• Where should the workshop be held?
• Who should facilitate?
• How long should the workshop last?
• Where should the workshop be held?
• What time of day would be best for the participant group?
• What kinds of interactive exercises and group participation activities will help bring the group together and understand the key messages?
• What is the desired outcome?
• What are the next steps after the organizational workshop? Community-based Pre-Disaster Mitigation for CBOs/FBOs

Expanding the Network

Brainstorm the following:

Once our group is organized, how do we expand our network?
Review Ideas for Expanding Your Mitigation Network.
Ideas for Expanding Your Mitigation Network

1. Ask people in your organization and other CBOs/FBOs if there are groups with which they would like to work on a mitigation activity. For example, in a larger community, perhaps several houses of worship of one denomination might enjoy having their youth groups work together.

2. Consider setting up a core team with membership from multiple groups to keep the concept of mitigation alive in the community and coordinate multi-group activities.

3. If CBO members are also FBO members, ask them to engage their FBO in mitigation activities, and vice versa.

4. Ask CBO/FBO leaders who get involved in mitigation programs to help carry the message to other groups, for example, speaking at a CBO luncheon meeting, or visiting a FBO class to give an informal talk.

5. Contact individuals from nearby communities that have succeeded in community-based mitigation programs. Ask them what kind of groups they included in their program. Solicit their help in sharing information with your local CBOs/FBOs.

6. Seek to bring together CBOs and FBOs that may not normally work together. Consider organizing a special event to engage these groups.

Sourced from FEMA

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