90 Days of Blessing
(May 28 – August 25)


The Global Day of Prayer is followed by a 90 day period entitled “90 Days of Blessing” (May 28 – August 25) During this time, the Body of Christ in Central Florida will be encouraged to reach out to their communities through tangible acts of love and compassion. This is an opportunity for Christians to not only continue in persistent prayer, but to become actively involved in serving and reaching out. This is a time of being creative in the Spirit, a time of becoming the hands and feet of Jesus in broken communities.
Many different models exist globally to demonstrate this Christ-like servanthood. We have also provided many different models that exist globally to demonstrate this Christ-like servanthood for reaching out to your broken communities, including the PEACE-Plan, Luke 10 Transformation Lifestyle, and the Global Compassion Day. We strongly encourage you to pray for guidance regarding which strategy to use in your community

Our Central Florida Area GDOP coordinating team is compiling a resource list that will be available to the Body of Christ in our area which would identify and highlight local ministries working in the community.

Pastors are urged to take their congregations to see the ministries that are already in their communities, and then release their youth groups, men’s/women’s ministries, home groups to come up underneath them, serving in either a short term or long-term basis.

The following are the first of what we pray are many possibilities for loving service:

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Global Compassion Day

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