What a local congregation might do to observe the GDOP

1. Two weeks before the GDOP (May 13)
• provide bulletin inserts of the Ten Day Prayer Guide
• make an announcement about the upcoming GDOP and encouraged everyone to use their prayer guide on a daily basis from May 17-26.
(can be repeated again and made available at any mid-week services)

2. One week before the GDOP (May 20)
• make an announcement about the GDOP being observed the coming Sunday
• show a video clip about the GDOP to the congregation (available on website)
• have a member who has been participating in the Ten Days of Prayer share a testimony
• challenge the congregation to begin / continue to participate in the Ten Days of Prayer

3. During the Ten Days of Prayer (May 17-26)
• show the GDOP video at home groups and any other ministry meetings
• pray together through the Ten Day Prayer Guide
(available at: www.waymakers.org - inexpensive and can be shipped over night)

4. On Pentecost Sunday (May 27- Global Day of Prayer)
• note that your congregation is joining over a quarter of a billion people worldwide, from 195+ nations, praying on one accord according to Habakkuk 2:14 and II Chronicles 7:14
• provide a bulletin insert of “A Prayer for the World” (found in the back of the Ten
Day Prayer Guide) to be used as a congregational responsive reading in the Sunday
worship service(s).

5. 90 Days of Blessing following the GDOP (May 28-August 25)

• encourage the congregation to fast and prayer during the first 40 days
• plan a local outreach to the community which will take place during the last 50 days of the 90 Days of Blessing

(Courtesy of Southwest Church in Winter Garden, FL – a congregation of @ 80 people)

Contact the Central Florida GDOP and SUMMIT ’07 coordinating team:

Maureen Bravo Maureen@ruii.org 407-332-7286
Milton Monell Milton.Monell@ccci.org 407-797-1271
Chris Vennetti chrisandbecky@hotmail.com 407-846-8300


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