2007 Global Day of Prayer

Suggested Activities Timeline

Preparation May 7-27 Central Florida Corporate Fast and Prayer – 21 Days

Phase 1 May 17-26 Ten Days of Purification (Starts on the Day of Ascension)
Theme: Repent, pray, worship
Tools: Ten Day Prayer Guide from GDOP
24/7 Prayer Guidelines & Models from GDOP
To do: 24/7 Prayer rooms in operation for each community
24/7 Prayer chain in place
Corporate intercessory prayer gatherings

Phase 2 May 27 Global Day of Prayer (Day of Pentecost)
United church prayer
Tools: Prayer for the World from GDOP
Time: Normal service times

Youth Event - Summit ’07
Praying from the High Places – Isaiah 40:9
Theme: Youth groups go to high places in each community to repent and pray for the sins of the nation
Time: Between the hours of 2:14 PM and 7:14 PM
(Scriptures: Habakkuk 2:14 & II Chronicles 7:14)

Evening Community Prayer Gathering
Themes: 1) Youth groups from community congregations meet at local venues to share testimonies of the prayer times at the high places
2) Unify in worshipping God over their city, state and nation
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Phase 3 May 28 – Aug. 25 90 Days of Blessing/
40 Days of Fasting and Prayer
Theme: Seek God – Reach God – Reach out to others in His Name
Tools: Prayer Guide for the 90 Days of Community Blessing from GDOP
Days 1-40 (May 28 – July 6)
To do: Pray and fast, then join youth groups converging at
TheCall Nashville on 07-07-07 (www.TheCall.com)
Days 1-90 (May 28 – August 25)
To do: Participate in community wide service projects as the church goes into the streets, demonstrating tangible acts of love and compassion… the lifestyle of true Christians

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