2007 Global Day of Prayer (May 27th)

10 Days leading up to it (May 17-26)

Here is what’s happening in our Central Florida area…

24 - 7 Prayer Rooms – There will be 24 - 7 prayer rooms in various locations / open at various hours during the 10 Days of Purification (May 17-26) prior to the GDOP on May 27th. Each will have its own flavor and expression, which will be enhanced by those who attend and participate daily from other congregations in the area.
For information on locations of 24 - 7 Prayer Rooms: www,visionorlando.org/prayer/gdop2007.htm

The GDOP and Pentecost Sunday, May 27th – all congregations of the “Church of Orlando” are invited to join with an estimated quarter billion Christians worldwide in prayer and repentance, asking that God’s glory cover the Earth. (Habakkuk 2:14) All are encouraged to pray the “Prayer for the World” in unity that day.

For a copy of the “Prayer for the World”:

Summit ’07 (GDOP youth prayer initiative) – Youth (and others) will be going out to the “HIGH PLACES” between 2:14 PM and 7:14 PM that afternoon (May 27) – they will be praying at sites where “strongholds” are operating in their communities - they will worship God, and repent, reconcile and seek restoration of the land on behalf of the Body of Christ in each region

For information on Summit ’07 / GDOP:

Recap and sharing at Central Reporting Sites – that evening (May 27), between 7:30 - 9:30 PM,. the youth will return to central reporting sites to share their experiences on the HIGH PLACES and let the rest of the Body come into agreement with what the Lord showed them on their prayer journeys.

For locations of reporting sites for Summit ’07 / GDOP: www.visionorlando.org

90 Days of Blessing – an outward expression of the inward transformation of our hearts - during the 90 days following the GDOP, we will engage in practical outreaches to show God’s love to the community
For information on local outreaches:

Contact the Central Florida GDOP and SUMMIT ’07 coordinating team:

Maureen Bravo Maureen@ruii.org 407-332-7286
Milton Monell Milton.Monell@ccci.org 407-797-1271
Chris Vennetti chrisandbecky@hotmail.com 407-846-8300

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