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Compliments of the Nation News

Compliments of the Nation News

THE HILL COMES ALIVE. Thousands of Barbadians lifted up their eyes onto the hill – Farley Hill – as artistes from as far as Britain and the United States joined local and regional performers to praise the Lord in Awesome worship at the 15th annual Gospelfest yesterday.

(Picture by Sandy Pitt.)

Earlier in the afternoon, they enjoyed the scenery and songs of artistes who included Christian Youth Incorporated from Trinidad and Tobago and Amy Cooley from Nashville, Tennessee, but it was not until home-grown Dragon Slayer, seen here, took to the stage that the crowd felt the spirit. Hundreds got to their feet, waving their hands and flags in unison as the once wayward youth had them dancing to the Word of God, accompanied by infectious reggae and soca beats. (TM) (Picture by Sandy Pitt.)

Although small in stature, Jason Mighty showed why his name is mighty as he had a giant effect moving the dancing and praising thousands. Compliments of the Nation News by TRACY MOORE

Although small in stature, Jason Mighty showed why his name is mighty as he had a giant effect moving the dancing and praising thousands.

ONE AWESOME DAY, on one sacred hill, saw over 3 000 people feeling the blessings of the 15th annual Barbados Gospelfest yesterday.

Family, friends and church congregations descended on Farley Hill National Park, St Peter, with stuffed picnic baskets and coolers in tow for a wholesome experience, a joyful scene and fellowship in Jesus from around 1 p.m. ( Pictures below Gospel Fest 2006)

Executive producer of the event, Adrian Agard, lauding it as the largest turnout in years, attributed the success to the unique line-up of performances.

"We thought we had a really wonderful package this year and we were excited about the artistes we pulled together, like Isaac Blackman, who has maybe the most popular song in the region, but a lot of people never knew that it was gospel.

"We had Atlanta's Canton Jones whose popular love song many people loved but didn't know was gospel. I feel we will have a larger audience than we have ever had at Farley Hill . . . ," he said.

Despite many competing activities yesterday, including Rally 2007, the Democratic Labour Party's scenic ride and several picnics around the island, including that of Attorney-General Dale Marshall, gard said it was no battle for Christ.

Adrian Agard

And as the DAILY NATION team mingled with the crowd on the Hill, Agard's words held true.

"I'm here because I want to be here. Nothing can get between me and my God. Anything dealing with praising God or putting God first, I would leave out anything else," said Deborah Hinds, of Bank Hall, St Michael, who came with a small group that included her son and neighbours.

Members of the Hillaby Church of the Nazarene, St Andrew, including six-month-old Ahren Francis, sat with their picnic baskets in perfect view of the stage celebrating the gospel together as a family.

"It's a level of excitement, anticipation and a sense of being a part of something bigger than us. It makes me feel strong that Barbados Gospelfest can host something of this magnitude. It is a proud feeling," said Lana Edwards Francis, who said she had been coming to Gospelfest every year.

Apostle Bernard Cadogan also brought his congregation not only to enjoy the show, but also to support one of his own, Dragon Slayer, who hyped up the Hill with popular dub and soca beats and warrior dance.

"He's a young guy that got saved four years ago. He was on drugs, alcohol, marijuana and used to be out in the world but the Lord saved him," said Cadogan proudly.

There was also a package for the children, as Chefette, main sponsor of the event, held a Gospelfest Kids Show for the first time which included God's Treasure Chest and puppeteers.

"We tried to pull the kids away for a special ministry catered to them because we know that even though they might enjoy the ministry on the other side, they deserve some focus," said Avelyn Christie, co-ordinator.

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Working Holiday

Mission Holiday Village

Cassada Bay offer both individuals and groups the possibility of coming to Carriacou and staying in a 'working holiday village' FREE OF COST in exchange for 'work in the village', bringing Hands of Help into the community, the nursing homes, the church building project.


"I will give you my message in the form of a vision.

Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance. At the time I have decided, my words will come true."

Habakkuk 2: 2-3

Missions is the heartbeat of God

It is our urgent call to provide sponsorship for not only the orphans but also to support and empower the body of Christ and send them out for the Great Commission.

This will involve the sponsorship of African pastors being trained at the Assemblies of God School of Theology in Malawi.




Gospel Tourism

 Gospel Tourism

United Caribbean Trust base headquarters could be used as ‘Christian Timeshare Holiday Resorts’ outside of the hurricane season (thus fund the trust) and accommodation for relief workers during the hurricane season if needed. If not needed they could be opened to local schools, youth groups and Caribbean churches from July to October.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge

Helping people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.

Christian outreach

Christian outreach

Pastor Happy from Africa leading the way in evangelism and youth outreach with the island of Carriacou. Click to view the church building project.

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