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Kids'EE - UNIT 10 God

God is Love

During this lesson the children will understand God's attributes, including that God is loving, but also just.


Two Gloves Skit

Do you see the problem on one hand God is loving, but God is also just

Seen below this weeks Take Home Truth craft, these can be made from paper bags.

Two Gloves Skit

On one hand... On one hand the Bible says,

“God is love” (1 John 4:8b)

but on the other hand the Bible also says,

“(He) will by no means clear the
guilty” (Exodus 34:7b KJV).

The Bank Robber

The Bank Robber Skit

Suppose I robbed a bank and a hidden camera took a picture of me doing it, So I came before the judge and he asked me. "How do you plead?"

The evidence would make it clear, all I could say is "Guilty, your honor" < Click to see the rest of the skit >

The General Garcia Skit

This skit can be narrated as the actors perform it. General Garcia is outraged because food has been stolen and it is in short supply.

He announces that anyone caught stealing food will be publically whipped.

< Click to see the rest of the skit >

The General Garcia Skit

Do you see the problem DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM?

Unit 11 Christ  
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