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Kids'EE - UNIT 9 Man

What is sin?

The children continue to work their way through the Gospel Presentation using the Farley Cards.

Start the lesson reviewing What is Heaven like? What is eternal life? What is Grace?

By the end of this lesson children should be able to define sin, they must understand that everyone, without exception, is a sinner.

Bondage of Sin Skit

Sin tricks us so we think we can be good enough or work herd enough to earn or deserve going to Heaven, But we will always fall short of God's standard. How does sin trick us?

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Suppose a person sinned just 3 times a day, He would be pretty good, right? < Check out at the end of 70 years! !>

Bondage of Sin Skit
Rotton Egg Illustration

Trying to be good enough to get to Heaven would be like trying to bake chocolate chip cookies with a rotten egg. Even if the flour, sugar, milk and chocolate chips are all good, one rotten egg ruins all the cookies. In God's eye, one sin (like a bad thought, or unkind word) is enough to ruin all the good we do. Just being good or just a little bit rotten doesn't meet God's standard of perfection.


Romans 3:23

Do you see why it it impossible to save yourself?

Matthew 5:48

"There must be a different way ... God's way"

"There must be a different way ... God's way"
Take Home Truths

The Take Home Truth for Unit 9 is a finger trap, get the children to play with these, have two children put their fingers in the trap; then try to move their fingers away from each other, pulling the trap tight. The harder they pull the tighter it gets.

Just like sin. We cannot get rid of sin on our own. The Bible describes it as bondage and slavery. Only Jesus can free us of its traps.

Unit 10 God
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