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Kids'EE - UNIT 12 Faith

How do we get this gift> BY FAITH
What is Faith

Keys Illustration

Only one key will open the door to your house. Just as there are many keys that look the same, there are many kinds of faith that look alike. There is only one kind of faith that will open the door to Heaven. That faith is Saving Faith. Too often people trust in earthy things, rather than in Jesus, to be saved.

Acts 16 : 31

The Lifeboat Skit

Saving Faith is like one day going out into the ocean in a very small sailboat. < Click to see what happens >

The Lifeboat Skit

Take Home Truth Life Saviors can be make from paper plates and red crept paper and red wool. They are the Take Home Truths for Unit 12.

Unit 13 Commitment  
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