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Kids'EE - UNIT 2 Kids' EE Interview

Kids' EE Interview

We use our BIG EARS and our BIG EYES to listen to and read God's Word - the Bible, to learn about Him. The children enjoy making their own and these are the Unit 2 Take Home Truths.

We listen to and look at each other to learn about each other. (Introduction to the Interview)

Seen below the Take Home Truths for Unit 2

Kids EE at Friendship Community Outreach
Kids EE at Friendship Community Outreach
Kids EE at Friendship Community Outreach

God also loves to listen to us. We talk to Him in prayer. We can hear from Him and we can know Him better by reading His Word. In His Word, He shows us what He is like. We must use our eyes and ears to listen to Him as we listen with our whole heart.

Seen here the children in Barbados click to visit the Friendship Community Kid'EE Outreach

While a child is being interviewed the other children are encouraged to draw and colour wrapping paper with a picture of what Heaven is like.

This is then used to wrap the shoeboxes that over the 12 weeks will be filled in preparation for the Suriname 'Make Jesus Smile' Shoebox Mission Trip the first week of December and the Haiti trip mid December.

Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes being filled by a Barbadian school boy

300 boxes will be taken into Suriname to the Maroon and numerous youth leaders will undergo a 5 day Kids' EE training workshop. Climaxing with two large children's outreach Christmas parties when the shoeboxes will be distributed.

Unit 3 Bare Bones

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