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Kingdom Arts International Arts Symposium

(Kingdom Arts... Changing Your World). CLICK for events

This International Arts Symposium conference is being hosted by Kingdom Reach Barbados, Operation Save Jamaica and other ministries in Trinidad & Tobago. There will be artistes from 21 countries gathering in Barbados to hear the heart of God about the way forward and learning how to step up to a new level of effectiveness.

We continue to see in our various countries the negative use and impact of the arts in the secular world on our young people. Christian Artistes, we know that we are called for such a time as this because it is only the redeemed artist that can present an alternative to BET, the immorality in Hollywood and the lude and crude lyrics in our music. We are seeing how God is using several movies, music albums, and theater plays and musicals worldwide. We are continually moved and Touched by The Passion Of The Christ. In the past 5 years, we are seeing several ministers making inroads in to Hollywood and the mainstream music industry. I believe we are the Esther's of today. Our pastors and other church leaders have realized that an anointed christian artist is very lethal to the kingdom of darkness and that such an artist may be more welcomed and accepted in places that many church leaders and clergy may not be received.

Christian Artist with this revelation we MUST prepare ourselves. The world needs us. Only 4 weeks ago in Barbados we saw 1200 young persons in our High Schools come to Christ through the ministry of the arts. We ministered in 10 high schools in 4 days and saw a response to the arts like we have never seen before. This is Our Time!! We are seeing government officials coming to Christ, several secular music artists in Jamaica have also turned their lives over to the Lord. The harvest is ripe, but where are the labourers?

Attend Kingdom Arts...Changing Your World and:

• Become more relevant and more effective as we present Christ to the world.
• Become more motivated in developing your skill/art to a higher standard of excellence which will make you more impactful to the nations of the world
• Make direct links with christian artistes from 21 countries and increase the possibility of your ministry travelling and ministering all over the world.
• Hear about the opportunities that are now opened to the Christian Artist in China, India, Holland and other parts of the world.
• Hear about communities in other parts of the world that have been transformed by the use of the Arts in the streets etc.
• Be actively involved in the process of national transformation in Barbados by ministering, during the conference, on the streets of Barbados, and being involved in the transformation of the Cave Hill Community.
• Expose your ministry to the 21 countries present by being involved in various concerts and outreaches.
Registration Fee: $100 US (includes a beautiful cultural costume which will be used for the national parade, and a tour of the island)

Hotel rates start from as low as $98.00 US per night (can accomodate up to 4 persons)

Highly anointed and trained Ministers and instructors from all over the world will impart to you, from places such as Australia, USA, Trinidad, Jamaica, Holland, Canada.

For more information please contact: Marcia Weekes 246-426-2443 or email

Bruce Fletcher-

Marcia Weekes is the artistic director of Praise Academy of Dance Barbados. Please see our web-site

Looking forward to seeing and minstering with you in Barbados and around the world,

Dave Weekes
Manager-Experience Tent
Board Chairman-Praise Academy Of Dance
Director-Kingdom Reach Barbados

Marcia Weekes
Artistic Director-Praise Academy of Dance Barbados
Co-Director- Kingdom Reach Barbados

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