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JOURNAL - Holy Spirit Encounter


I have allowed myself
to become discouraged
in my Christian Walk.
I have spoken too many
negative confessions.
I have focussed on
the imperfections of people
instead of the perfectness
of You!
I have a choice –
I can speak words of life
or words of death
into my life!
Today, I have made a decision.
I am going to speak
words of LIFE!
I am going to strip away
negative confessions.

How often we need
to encourage ourselves,
and one another!
When our focus is wrong,
our Christian Walk
becomes burdensome.
We walk in defeat
instead of Victory!
We drag our feet into Church
and try to rouse our spirits
in a few worship songs.
Our spirit is not singing.
We are down.
Oppressed. Depressed.
It is not the work of the Devil,
but a work of self.
There is no demonic spirit
to bind.
Our attitude needs correcting.
We fall into grumbling,
complaining and murmuring
like the Israelites in the wilderness.
We need a change of attitude!
A thankful heart and
encouraging tongue!
Today, is a new day!
I am encouraged!

* * *


right now I want
to focus on Your Love.
I want to think
of Your Love for me.
How much You love me.
I want to wrap myself
in Your Love.
I want a deeper and
fuller revelation of
Your Divine Love.

I look at “pictures” of Love
in my life.
I think of how I care
for my dog.
I feed her, bathe her,
brush her hair,
take her to the vet.
I do this because
I love her.

I think of my parents,
and how they love me.
They have given their lives
to raise me and educate me.
They listen to my problems.
They give advice, and encouragement.
They care when I am ill.
I am surrounded by their love.
I care for them.
In our lives every day,
we each do our little part
to make our lives better.
As a family,
we are separate units
that work together
to make a whole.
There is love.
God’s Love must be reflected
in our Love.
How else would we ever
have an idea of
what love should be?

When we give gifts,
or send cards,
or brighten another’s day –
this is love.
God is pleased
It is like a mirror reflection
of Him.
God is pleased when
we show love to one another.


* * *



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