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JOURNAL - Holy Spirit Encounter


I have sinned against You.
I have sinned because
I have been discontented.
I have been grumbling
and complaining,
instead of being thankful
of all You have done in my life.

Most of all,
I have been discontented
in the Church.
I have uttered
empty and foolish words
before You.
Words of no value,
but increasing my discontent.

Lord, forgive me.
Let me reverence You
in silence.
As Solomon once wrote,
“Much dreaming and
many words are meaningless.
Therefore stand in awe of God.” (Eccles. 5:7 NIV)

* * *


I have been discontented.
I have been disquieted
in my spirit.

I realise that
I am so hungry!
I am hungry for
a mighty outpouring
of Your Spirit!
I am hungry for
a higher level of understanding,
wisdom and revelation.
I am hungry for
the meat of Your Word.

I want to learn more,
and grow more.
I feel as though
my spiritual growth
has slowed down.
And I’m hungry, Lord.
I desire MORE of You.
More knowledge.
More of Your Presence.

Fill me, Lord.
Fill me over and over again.
I need You, Lord.

* * *


I saw the spirit of poverty
leave the church grounds
this morning.
She looked like
a poor, homeless woman.
She wore rags,
and had an empty bag.
Her face was dirty
and dusty.
Her hair was unkempt.
She looked as she is.
She was a picture
of poverty.

She was muttering to herself
as she shouldered
her empty bag.
She had been uprooted!
She had been served
an eviction notice!

“Spirit of poverty –
in the Name of Jesus!”

* * *



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