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Christianity operates on two levels –
on a spiritual plane,
and in the natural plane.
Spirituality and practicality
must be balanced!

Some Christians become
focussing only on prayer,
and revelation from God,
and not on practical ministry.

The spiritual aspect
of Christianity
is important.
We need to know
what God is saying to us.
We need His personal direction
and correction on
a daily basis.

God also expects us
to minister to each other
in a practical way.
This is part of
loving each other.
We must give food
to the hungry, and
clothing to the needy.
We must help to improve
the quality of each other’s
We may not feel
as though we are making
a significant difference,
but one small act of love
can bring encouragement
to another,
and build faith in God.

God is not interested
in a selfish Chrisitianity…
but in self-less love.
Sacrificial love.
Jesus stretched Himself
to the maximum
by dying on the Cross.
He was the perfect example
of self-less love.

How we love ourselves!
God slowly stretches us
to make us into “agape” lovers –
to become those who love
with the Love of God.
It seems to me that
we have to choose
how far we are willing to go
to demonstrate love.
We are the ones who
place the limits on love.

God is willing
to pour out His Grace
upon us,
if we are willing
to go through
the stretching process
of learning to love.

The spiritual and the practical
go hand in hand.
We express our love to God
and receive His Love
in the Spiritual Realm.
We express our love
for each other
in practical ways
in the Natural Realm.
Our Christianity must be balanced!
God’s Love needs
to be revealed!

* * *


A tiny spot of paint
flaked off the trunk
of my car.
It was only a very tiny spot.
It started to turn brown
with rust.
Very soon
the rust began
to bubble under the surface
of the paint!
The rust was spreading!

And this is like sin.
Sin can start very small,
and GROW!
If it is not dealt with immediately
It can gain a strong foothold
in our lives…
it is like the rust spot
that festered.

We need the Holy Spirit
to detect the rust spots
in our lives.
Some sin is obvious –
like theft, adultery, anger.
Some sin is more unobtrusive –
like attitudes of indifference
or superiority.
The Holy Spirit can
open our hearts and
expose the secret attitudes
that we hide even from ourselves!

Holy Spirit,
show us our sin
that we may change!
Help us to deal
with our secret motives,
and attitudes in our hearts.
There are things that
only You can know!
You know the roots
we have to pull up,
the strongholds that
need to be dislodged!
Holy Spirit,
show us our sin…
that we may lead lives
to please You.

* * *



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