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Kim's Art Catalogue - Intercession

“Tears for Sudan”
Lord spare us!
"The spirit of deception exposed."
“Death to the spirit of Limitation”
The Spirit of Deception  exposed

"The spirit of deception exposed."

The alligator represents the spirit of deception. The alligator is well fed. He has “consumed” many people through false religion and false belief.

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How do we, as Christians, set the captives free?

1. Through this simple “recipe” for spiritual warfare prayer.
a. BIND THE HEAD - The spirit of deception must be bound. This is represented by the alligator’s head being tied with rope.
b. BIND THE TAIL - The spirit of backlash must be bound. This is represented by the alligator’s tail being tied with rope. The alligator’s tail can be used to knock down its prey.
c. SET THE CAPTIVES FREE - Declare the freedom of those held captive by all
forms of deception.

2. Proclaim the “TRUTH”, that is, God’s Word.
As the spirit of deception has been “bound” in the spiritual realm, the captives are now free to respond to God’s Word. The spiritual barrier which was holding them back has now been removed!

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36 NIV

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