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“IN THE SPIRIT” - Foreword

This journal bridges the gap between unbelief and belief. When I started to write, I was searching for answers to life. What is my reason for being here? Why do we have to go through painful experiences in our lives?

Even though confirmed at an early age in the Roman Catholic faith, I did not know God. I can remember that there were times in my life when I was hungry for God. I was ready to meet Him, but there was no one there to tell me HOW to meet Him.

The first poem is about repentance. This is the first step to approaching God. We must acknowledge that we are sinners, and ask forgiveness for our sins. One Friday night as I was walking home from a Bible study, I realised for the first time, that I was a sinner. It blew my mind! I did not think that I was such a “bad” person, but I was not right with God.

The second step to salvation is to ask Jesus into your life. And He comes! Then the process of sanctification begins. You put away the sin, and clean up your life. The changes you make are based on what is pleasing to God.

About a month after my salvation decision, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The poems written from the 4th of September, 1993, are under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. God began to reveal more of Himself as I hungered to know Him.

The Holy Spirit will bring you into a greater revelation of God! Many people know God in a religious sense. They have heard about Him, talked about Him, but have never known a personal relationship with Him. Some people have come into a salvation experience, but have not walked in a fuller revelation of God. Their spiritual growth has been hindered. Some churches offer very little or no teaching on the Holy Spirit. Church leaders can only give to the congregation what they themselves have experienced.

It is God’s desire that all mankind be reconciled to Him through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross at Calvary. It was Jesus’ Blood that offered atonement for our sin. It is also God’s desire that we walk in the fullness of revelation brought by the Holy Spirit.

I was once a sinner with no belief in God. I now believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. How did this happen? With God, all things are possible! All I know is this – I desire to know and experience more and more of God every day!

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Verses marked KJV are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

Copyright ©  1993 by Kim Smith

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