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The Obstacle "The Obstacle"

This is a spiritual landscape. It is has mountains, which are our good experiences, and it has valleys, which are our low experiences. Rivers flow through valleys. This is the River of God flowing through the valley of someone's life. However, there is a boulder, or obstacle, in the way of the River. This has caused the River to divert to either side of the boulder…. Thus, the River loses some of its intensity and its power. The person here is trying to push the boulder that is hindering the flow of the River out of the way. The question is being asked: "What is hindering the flow of the River of God in your life? Is there an obstacle - such as fear, unbelief, limitation or other people's opinions holding you back?" Take the time to ask God if there is an "obstacle" in His Way in your life. If there is, then it is time to push it out of the way, with God's Help.

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