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How to write a Spiritual Journal

Dear Friends,

A spiritual journal is a record of your Christian walk with God. It is a tool that can help you to develop your personal relationship with God.

Journalling is important. In your journal, you can record ALL that God is saying to you on a regular basis.

If you become discouraged, you can look back in your journal, and see all that God was saying to you, and this will strengthen you and continue to give you direction in your life.

Journalling is like plotting a path. You are recording your life’s footsteps. What God reveals today, will affect where you go tomorrow in life.

You can also decorate or personalize your journal in any way you wish.

Things to note in a journal

1. Write down what you sense God is saying to you in your personal devotion time. Record a scripture verse if you think it is important or significant.

2. Write down if a Pastor or Prophet speaks a “prophetic word” in your life. Please note: do not accept prophetic words from just anyone – they must be from your Pastors, the recognised Prophets in our church, or recognised Prophets endorsed by your Church Leadership.

3. Write down what God is saying to you in the Church service. God is teaching you every time! Please note: that God speaks via songs in worship, the preached Word, as well as dance and drama. Do not be limited in your thinking that God can only speak to you during the sermon.

4. Write down experiences in your life that you felt were significant. These may be a simple everyday experience, but one in which God revealed something to you.

For example, my mother had a dog named Rosa. You would call Rosa to you, but she would not come. She would lie down on her back and display a submissive posture, but she would not come to you. This taught me that you could say that you were submitted to God, but still disobedient. Submission to God is actually obedience to God. We can sit in Church and say we are submitted to God, but if we do not obey what He is saying for us to do, then we are not submitted. So this was a life example that taught me a lesson.

Most of all, ENJOY your journalling time… it is your time with God! And He wants to enjoy His Time with you too.


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