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Suriname - Aid

Suriname - Aid provides relief aid for the Bush Negro community in Suriname. The Bush Negroes are descendants of the runaway slaves that live in the Interior of Suriname.

How can you help?

* By donating used clothing in good condition, from babies to children of 12 years.


* By donating funds to help ship the clothing to Suriname.

* By donating funds to purchase underwear for these children. Many children walk around in just underwear.

CLICK to view the 'Underwear Distribution 2010'.

* By sponsoring a child in Suriname for US $30.00 per month. This sponsorship helps to provide food, school supplies and uniforms, and assistance for the Kid’s Clubs of the local Church.

These Kid’s Clubs are located in the Bush Negro communities, and are our equivalent of Junior Church.

* By praying for the success of this ministry.

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