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Worship by Kim Smith Barbados artist


The sun represents the Son, Jesus. The rays of light are God’s Glory covering the earth. Worship is loving adoration. This concept is illustrated through the sunflower. The sunflower always turns its face towards the sun. So too, do we turn our hearts to Jesus through worship. The motif repeated around the border of the painting is that of a worshipper with his hands raised.

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“The Heavens declare the Glory of God”.

This painting depicts Psalm 19:1 where the heavens declare the Glory of God. The Godhead is represented here in the Hands of God, the Father; the sun which represents the Son, Jesus; and the dove which represents the Holy Spirit.

Out of the sun flows the river of living water, which is being poured out over all the nations of the earth. There are three rows of worshippers in the water. This represents different levels of worship. Some only experience ankle-deep worship, and others are fully immersed!

God’s Glory is seen in His Creation – the sun, the clouds, the trees swaying in worship. All day, and all night, all creation worships God!

Worship by Kim Smith Barbados artist

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