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Kim's Art Catalogue - Worship

Follow me “Follow Me”

This painting depicts the Christian Spiritual Journey. It starts at the Cross, as the first step is Salvation. The next vital step on the way is to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is shown by a dove.

This path is the Calvary Road, which leads into Eternity. The sun represents the Son, Jesus. The sun’s rays represent God’s Glory, both now and forever!

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The heart on the Cross and on the Dove represents God’s Love. God’s Love for us was the motivation behind Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross, and the reason why the Holy Spirit constantly works with us, and in us.

The crown on the Cross and on the Dove represents the Lordship of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God is the ultimate authority.

The two people in the painting are “following” Jesus. The arms of the people are stretched upwards in worship to God, as they are worshippers.

“Worship – The “Summit” Experience”

This painting depicts the spiritual “place” of worship.

The Heavens open in worship, and the worshipper is bathed in God’s manifested Presence – shown in the Light cascading through the clouds above.

The small person on the mountaintop, shows how miniscule man is in the vastness of God’s Creation. It also shows a person who has put aside everything in their life, to climb the spiritual mountain of worship. There is absolutely nothing separating this person from God, and this person is actively reaching out… to God.

The “Summit” experience is the most wonderful, delightful “place” one can ever experience. There is nothing else like it!

The summit experience

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