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Malawi PowerPlay Centers

Mr. Gusto Siliva Mhaike, the owner of the land that has been donated for the erection of a Malawi administration office and PowerPlay Child Care Center


United Caribbean Trust wishes to thank Mr. Gusto Siliva Mhaike, the owner of the land that has been donated for the erection of a Malawi administration office, PowerPlay Child Care Center and Moringa Production Plant

UCT is looking to extend this property and is seeking land close to the shores of Lake Malawi.

We need adeqate land to grow Moringa. Not only for the nutritional needs of the PowerPlay child care centre but for animal fodder.

Seen below Jenny at Lake Malawi.

Malawi land for sale
Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi
Malawi Liberty School United Caribbean Trust Youth Alert program

Liberty school has been closed down by the government of Malawi but we are praying that God will show us what He wants to do with these buildings which for very little investment could be converted into a child care center or vocational training center.

Malawi  United Caribbean Trust Youth Alert program width=
Malawi  United Caribbean Trust Youth Alert program

UCT has over the last year been helping to build the church on the land that adjoins this property - House of Freedom, Malawi. The church is almost completed and UCT wants to come alongside Pastor David Lottie and Pastor William to give assistance to get the church finished.

The building has been built with double bricks and is very structurally strong.

Within the plot is a football pitch that we want to upgrade and supply the balls, poles and nets to establish a Sports Evangelism ministry in the area including the introduction of Kicking AIDS Out.

Aims and Objectives:

•To purchasing land in the various regions throughout Africa to serve as PowerPlay Centers.

•Constructing of low cost buildings and facilities including PowerPlay Child Care Centers, schools if not available, youth centers/worship sanctuary and vocational training schools.

•Developing recreational play areas for children's education and training, and for leisure activities including football fields to encourage Sports Evangelism and other children's ministries like KIMI PowerClubs and KidsGames plus educational programs such as Kicking AIDS Out.

For more information on HIV/AIDS in Malawi click here

•Developing enterprising projects such as farming and animal husbandry to provide sustainability for the residents.

•Planting a range of fodder for livestock animals, (i.e free range chickens, goats and pigs)trees such as Moringa and Mulberry will be introduced for animal fodder.

•Developing permaculture gardens designing human settlements and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecologies. The establishment of Moringa Platations is our first priority.

•Producing income generating crops on the agricultural land to enable the projects to be self-funding and sustainability including fish farms and aquaponics.

•Providing training and employment opportunities on site for older orphans in the form of vocational training including Moringa Procession and Marketing

•Providing a site for workshops for local entrepreneurs; school group visits; and seed banks for distribution to the locals

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