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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

I am glad to inform you that we have opened a new church in Zambia in a place called Nakonde and there is a Zambian who is there to take care of the church, we are glad that the church is doing fine.

Our vision is to see the ministries reaching Africa, so its our prayer that the church will be a channel to reach other African countries like DRC{Democratic Republic of Congo] and other countries which are bordering their country[Zambia]

Our aim is to see the ministries reaching the un-reached with the Gospel or Christ more effectively

We have decided to put someone of their own language [Bemba] who is mature that will be able to talk with those who can not speak English.

The only part remaining is to train church leaders in Zambia now i would like to ask for any support from the United Caribbean Trust which can help me with one teacher to go the country to train them [leaders]and give them some learning materials which I feel will help them a lot in their ministry.

The materials and books are in Tanzania and we need money for this work. As soon as we can fund the trip we will go and do the work.

May God Bless you

Pastor David Lotie Kondowe

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