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Teaching Library of Mike Bickle - Introduction

The Mike Bickly website,, has recently been updated to include more than 2,600 audio and video files of Mike's rich teaching history, including streaming video, audio accompanied by handouts and study notes. In addition, they have added the "All Categories" page where you can search for topics and series included in the site.

We give honour to this man of God who's copyright is 'your right to copy' for the Kingdom of God.

As always, Mike's content is free to access and download for the benefit of the Body of Christ.

Each of these Youth Discipleship Training Series includes an audio and handout or study notes to be downloaded as well as a PowerPoint to make the viewing more visual for the youth.

Sessions can be split into two for Junior Youth who may not be able to absorb the entire teaching in one session.

A 'PAUSE' slide has been included midway to allow the teacher to adjust according to the age of the youth.

Much of this teaching will be used by the Pastors in the Africa Training Bible School and work in ongoing to translate this material into Swahili for Tanzania and Kenya, into Chichewa for Malawi and French for the Pastors in DR Congo.

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