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The significance of the big drum is to strike fire into the dynamics of the culture.
To produce a forum for drama and dance and to identify with the Carriacou heritage
The dance is used as a social and artistic medium through posture, movement and facial expressions
The drumming serves to link the ancient ancestors and descends and create a memory, reflecting on the freedom of the ancestors once in bondage.
Out of the drum the African slaves created a freedom of thought and self respect.

Today the big drum ceremony has strong communal ties binding feasts and celebration.

Uniting the Kayaks with pride and joy.


The young and the old. The next generation of big drum dancers seen here with one of the oldest dancers. Although in her 90's she is still a force to be reckoned with!
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The vibrancy of this big drum lifestyle celebration is a wonderful journey for the non national a glimpse into another world, a magnificent cultural experience.
Seen here at Cassada Bay and videoed by a visiting Barbados TV team.
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