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CARRIACOU - Hillsborough Roman Catholic church

Father Tommy with a mouldy wallet

Additionally, with God’s perfect timing, Mr. Collins from Customs stopped in after church and was kind enough to take me to visit Father Tommy of the St. Patrick’s Missionary Society, and the Roman Catholic Church. Establised in 1972 here in Carriacou.


He is concerned as his Bishop has not yet made a visit or called to ascertain the status of the church but they have been clearing debris and this morning held three masses as usual.

RC church undamaged but the water damage is evident

He spoke at length about the cooperation he has had, especially from the local contractor who came and installed the tarpaulins on the church/presbytery roof.


There is much water caught in the tarp and evidence of extensive damages but Father Tommy’s chest sounds much better ( we were very worried about pneumonia) and he is in robust spirits now that things are cleaning up.

He spoke about the development of a stained glass project that could generate some income for the parish creating souvenirs etc.; he is a very enthusiastic shepherd who has his flocks welfare and well being at heart.


His relationship with parishioners was evident on the drive back to Tyrell Bay as many stopped him as we passed and chatted him up. We are keen to get his Hurricane STORY on tape as he has witnessed an almost identical phenomena that we already taped when in St. Georges at the Anglican church.

The Roman Catholic church has two schools one on Petit Martinique and the other in Carriacou is L'Esterre Secondary School. This seconds as the only hurricane shelter on the island and is in great need of assistance.

We are hoping the Roman Catholic community of Barbados will rise to the challange.

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