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CARRIACOU - Cassada Bay - Working Holiday Village

Cassada BayCassada Bay provides 6 beautifully sited multi- coloured chalet accommodation for relief workers, in a secure, protected setting. The chalets offer both individuals and groups the possibility of coming to Carriacou and staying in a 'working holiday village' FREE OF COST in exchange for 'work in the village', bringing Hands of Help into the community, the nursing homes, the after school children's club or in Grenada itself for a few days on any of the UC Grenada initiatives, the La Mode village experience. (Add in US $60 per day for each day trip to Grenada for ferry, ground transport and meals.) VISIT THE FIRST HOLIDAY

The base has been damaged yet again by hurricane Emily and carpentry skills are needed to enable the villas to be used by volunteers. We are appealing to all hands of help to join us for a week to ten days. We can supply you with 'youth hostel' style accommodation FREE.

Guests stay in 1 - 4 person rooms,as in the chalets there are sanitary facilities, a balcony, and a small self-contained living area. Sited on terraces, and sloping down to the sea, each chalet contains 2 semi-detached one bedroom apartments.

The views from the communal areas are stunning ... seen here Rugid enjoying a Cassada Bay morning.



The views from the chalet balconies, which have minor weather damages, and major termite infestations, are delightful.

The electricity in the chalets needs checking urgently.

.Some of these damages can be restored with a minimum investment of time and love. 'Happy holidays'

However long term, with serious investment and refurbishment Cassada Bay is the perfect location for a holistic centre.

The double bedrooms in the chalets are in need of a face lift and mattresses and furnishings need to be sourced to provide cool sleeping arrangements for one to six people per chalet.
Bunk beds would provide additional sleeping provision in a pinch especially for the two dormitory villas providing separate sleeping arrangements for 6 male and 6 female young people.
The lounge/dining room is basic but ideal as doors lead out onto balconies with sumptuous, peaceful views. The balconies can be cleaned and restored with minimum effort thereby expanding living areas.


Flamboyant trees provide shade between the chalets, but many of the trees on the grounds have been uprooted by the storm, and a chain saw will be required to reduce the debris for removal. The lawn mower is also damaged, but weed whackers will provide adequate garden maintenance until this can be replaced. A riding mower or Lawn Bug would be a more efficient tool for lawn and grounds maintenance.


The garden are strongly terraced, but crying out for some brightly coloured tropical shrubs. The thorn bush trees are strongly established and growth needs to be checked, to avoid stiletto thorns proliferating on the grounds.

Gardening/landscaping skills needed.

The desalination plant became a former dive shop and this has been cleared and with some maintenance work could be used for a variety of purposes.

Carpentry skills needed

The outdoor shower seen below was vandalised and needs thorough cleaning and servicing.

Part of this building houses the tanks and pumps for the plumbing.

Plumbing skills needed.

The activity 'hall' once used in the Revolution is ideal as a children's activity area for basketball, table tennis or for hosting small seminars including Sunday service if needed.


With some creativity this are is ideal for evening activities on the raised stage area.

This is where United Caribbean hopes to host the first Carriacou 'After School Kids Club'.

Drama/ dance / music skills needed

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very real physical syndrome affecting thousands of people in Carriacou and especially Grenada. Cassada bay's serenity and the afore-mentioned activities could be helpful towards recovery from this debilitating disorder.

Counseling skills needed

The bay is calm and ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, and day trips to White Island, ideal for rest, recreation and recuperation.

Activity skills needed

There are 3 foundations seen here that once housed villas.

This one to the left is being considered for the reconstruction of a hurricane resistant chalet.

The other two are perfect locations, the large open air decks ideal for outreach meetings, worship or just sitting, enjoying the views.

Building skills needed...

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