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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative Carriacou Integrated Community Empowerment Resource Organization CICERO

Interim President; Mr. Cosnel McIntosh

Carriacou Integrated Community Empowerment Resource Organization CICERO is a Non- Governmental, Non-Political Organization comprising of eight zones throughout Carriacou.

It was founded on 10th September 2004

The aim and objectives are to link communities in Carriacou through Human Resources Development and Partnership Projects.


To seek Financial Aid or Funding to assist communities before and/or after a disaster (storm/hurricanes/fire/boating/vehicular/etc)

To develop Human Resource skills to manage disasters

To share resources (Personnel and Material)

To share information on disaster awareness and preparedness

To provide a Rapid Response Service to assist in disasters

To provide Professionals to assist with Assessment after a disaster

To collate and disseminate data and information related to Natural and Technological Disasters

To work closely with the local National Emergency Relief Organization (NERO), The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) and Regional and International Non Governmental Organizations (RINGO) in providing assistance to communities in distress.

Community zones and representatives to be published shortly


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