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We have taken into consideration where our house is situated in relation to hazards with potential dangers such as:

  • Rivers, Streams and Channels
  • Factories
  • Slopes, Hillsides
  • Very big trees or trees in bad condition
  • Building or construction sites in bad shape
  • Electrical cables
  • Reclaimed land/Landfill
  • Other dangers

We have to go out and look at our community, and make a list of what we observe and find out. What is there in the community that could be useful in case of a disaster and what hazards exist in our community and where are they located?


Police Station
Fire Department
Health Centre
Hurricane Shelter
Red Cross
Salvation Army

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After checking our house and analyzing our community we will be able to identify:

  • The hazards that exist in our community.
  • The ones to which we are exposed.
  • How prepared we are in case an emergency occurs.
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