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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative UNITED CARIBBEAN TRUST-Evaluation

Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Circle the
response that best reflects your opinion. Return the form to the workshop
1. The facilitator spoke with clarity and was easy
to understand.
a) Very clear and understandable
b) Clear and understandable
c) Somewhat clear and understandable
d) Not clear
2. The facilitator was knowledgeable about the subject.
a) Very knowledgeable
b) Knowledgeable
c) Somewhat knowledgeable
d) Had no clue….
3. I understood the objectives of the workshop.
a) Very clear
b) Clear
c) Somewhat clear
d) Not sure what the workshop was about
4. Workshop objectives were accomplished.
a) All accomplished
b) Most accomplished
c) A few were accomplished
d) None were accomplished
5. The activities and discussions contributed to the
completion of the workshop objectives.
a) Major contributors
b) Added interest to the workshop
c) Somewhat useful
d) A waste of time
6. I felt the scheduled pace of the workshop was…
a) Enough time
b) A bit too quick
c) Too much time
d) I found my mind wandering….
7. I was given plenty of opportunity to express my opinion
in the group about the subject.
a) Strongly agree
b) Agree
c) Disagree
d) Strongly disagree
8. The group sessions had the right amount of participants
and elicited participation from all workshop members.
a) Size was perfect
b) Size was too small
c) Size was too big
d) Didn’t need group sessions
9. The facility met the visual and auditory needs of
the audience.
a) I could see and hear very well
b) I could see and hear
c) I couldn’t see and hear all the time
d) I couldn’t see and hear at all
10. The training media (overheads, PowerPoint, posters,
etc.) were clear and legible.
a) Very clear and legible
b) Clear and legible
c) Blurry and somewhat small
d) I couldn’t make them out at all
11. Our community will benefit from the subject matter of
this workshop.
a) Great things will come from this
b) It will benefit
c) Somewhat benefit
d) Not benefit at all
12. I will be able use the knowledge and skills I received
in this workshop immediately.
a) Yes
b) No
Please answer the following questions. If more space is needed, please use the
back of this page.
• The best part of the workshop was:
• The part of the workshop that could use improvement is:
• Comments:

Sourced from FEMA

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