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Haiti Family Empowerment Programme

Income Generation Activities have become an important component of many sustainable development programs. By training local populations to start their own income generating activities and by providing them with initial startup resources in order to do so, organizations have successfully empowered people to contribute to their own communities and sustain their community development projects. Successful Income Generation Activities have included, sustainable farming, craft and jewelry making, drama groups, clothing manufacturing. UCT is striving to acheive similar success in our Family Empowerment Program.

(a) Animal Husbandry. Rearing of animals, pigs, goats, chickens and sheep for domestic purposes and generating some income for families. Animal Husbandry
(b) Agro Projects. Growing of crops, vegetables and fruits for domestic consumption and animal fodder. Generating income from Agricultural and Commercial enterprises and as part of Ecological Reforestation
(c) Woman Initiative. Sewing Machine Project. Income generating project for women in the area.

(d) UCT Target group in this area will be the children, and foster parents in the Family Child Care Village and those in the surrounding community.

Vocational Training Center.

Courses or Programs offered.

• Sewing Classes
• Agricultural Education including chicken, aquaponics and Moringa processing
• Masonary
• Electrical Engineering
• Plumbing
• Carpentry
• Computer Studies

Adult Education Center.

• English classes
• Adult literacy
• Nutrition
• AIDS Education
• Parenting skills
• Arts and Music
• Computer Studies

Youth Development Center

• English classes
• Nutrition
• AIDS Education
• Character Enhancement
• Arts and Music
• Sports

How will we help to feed these children?

1. We will provide seed and tools needed to grow food in family kitchen gardens

Seen here Pastor Remy with his 300 Moringa seeds and grow bags to establish a Moringa Pilot project on his land,

2. We will establish a chicken project to provide a supply of dairy products and meat for the children in our care and to generate sustainable income.

Money from the Family Empowement Programme. will go towards purchasing two young female goats per family.

The arrangement with the local families receiving these two kids is that when the nanny goats produce their first litter the first kid will be brought back into the house of the Lord as a first fruit offering.

Seen here the Barbados Black Belly sheep that UCT seeks to introduce into the Family Empowerment Program.

This will enable the church ot establish a goat farm to help with the After School Feeding Programme.

UCT is looking to establish Moringa Tree plantations as a pilot project in in Les Cayes and Les Martineaur.

CLICK to view a You Tube video on Moringa 'The Miracle Tree' in Ghana and the budget for a Moringa Processing Plant.

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