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Haiti Mission Holiday Village

This is a new season and dramatic changes in our world have ushered in a new era in missionary work. The Short-term Missionary Holiday Village represents a new generation of missionaries that desire to serve and assist as well as have fun and fellowship.

All construction of this Mission Holiday Village including the Communal complex will be in a special Hurricane resistant Building system UCT has researched. This building system has achieved a breakthrough in building technology and its revolutionary, precision-engineered system will cut construction cost and provide durable, ecologically sound and custom-designed buildings.

Engineered to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes and built with quality materials that are resistant to rot and termite infestations this building system is the optimal solution for building the Mission Holiday Village

All marketing will be done through United Caribbean Services Inc who will handle the travel agency aspect of this fund raising project.

The main niche market will be churches and schools throughout the Caribbean and Internationally including large churches in America, Canada, Europe and Africa.

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