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It has been a groundbreaking year for one young drama group on the local circuit and that group is looking forward to even bigger and better things to occur in the year 2005.

Under the leadership of Rommell Hall, Jesus Army Productions has made much headway in 2004 and the group has rubbed shoulders with the best of local talent in many an event this year.

This year was more or less a groundbreaking year for the group, Hall acknowledged.

Noting that the year was extremely eventful, Hall said that the group embraced the year with a number of performances. Some of these included performances at the Experience Calypso Tent, a full length production at Christ Festival, a repeat of the same production at the group's album launch this year entitled 'The Genesis' and a performance also at Gospelfest 2004 in 'Expressions of Gospel'.

The group also participated and gave a rousing performance at the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) 2004. Earning a well deserved bronze medal at NIFCA 2004 after performing their 'Must Have Trade Expo' piece, the members of Jesus Army Productions has been continuing the tradition of excellence for which they are becoming so well known. The Army ended the year with a well-received performance at the recently held Junior Tucker concert and several local concerts as well.

The reception was very good, Hall noted as he described the response the group received throughout the year as it dealt with a number of core issues.

For the Year 2005 however, the group has several things on the cards and is hoping that the year will be even bigger, better and more successful than the past. The group hopes to eventually be able to have a yearly production along the likes of Laugh it off or Bajan Bus Stop. The Army is hoping as well to one day reach a level and put forth a quality show that can be divided into several shows each month, but for now the members are taking baby steps until they are able to reach their slated goals.

Noting that Jesus Army Productions is seeking to push the boundaries of Christian drama, Hall said that members in the group are hoping to get into some key workshops to strengthen themselves. For now they will cast their sights on producing a full length CD with about 12 tracks unlike the shorter version produced earlier this year. The diverse group also has encased within it some talented singers who have worked together with Hall, to produce the first album. Noting that expense was a factor in many of their decisions when it came to the musical arm of Jesus Army Production, as a relatively young group, sponsorship is greatly needed. A high demand for more of their music, has left patrons wondering when they will be able to hear more from Jesus Army Productions and the group has even had invitations to go abroad. However, if all goes well in the future, a music video possibly will be produced to give a face to the name many are becoming familiar with and to broaden the groups horizons regionally and internationally.

The group has a lot of depth and to this end a dance arm will be added in January 2005 to the Army. This has long been in the works but will now come to fruition, as it will work closely with the existing drama and musical arm. Not wanting to tell all to early, Rommell Hall will just acknowledge that a number of plans are in the works. However, the strides this young group has made so far since its recent inception into the local circuit signals that the best is yet to come. Perhaps the year 2005 will see the build up to this, as the group makes great use of its groundbreaking year.

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