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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative The Women Entrepreneurs of Barbados

7 September 2004


The Women Entrepreneurs of Barbados give praise and thanksgiving to The Father, for having been spared the major ravages of Hurricane Ivan. However, our Sistren in the Island of Grenada need help in rebuilding their lives, communities and their country; as members of the Caribbean Association of Women Entrepreneurs, we are responding with a call to the wider community for individual household assistance for the People of Grenada.

To make the effort most efficient, and for ease of handling by relief workers to store and distribute, we recommend that boxes are packed based on needs for Male & Female Adult, Male & Female Children. Boxes should be labelled, on OUTSIDE accordingly (ie. MALE, ADULT, SIZE, AGE) and lightly taped for custom /security inspection. We recommend you focus on what you might require should you find yourself in a similar position and pack a sized box accordingly.

The box should be of a size comfortable to carry by an individual or child, and contain essentials for immediate needs. We do not recommend placing money in the boxes due to the possibility of boxes going astray, but a list of what is included and perhaps a personal note of encouragement should be placed in an envelope and put INTO the carry-bag or knapsack, which is then placed into the box to protect contents .

The list enclosed contains immediate requirements but whatever is considered useful, and not on the list, may be included. HELP GRENADA RADIOTHON will be aired on STARCOM Network on September 11, from 8 am to 12 noon, where monetary donations will be accepted. E-mail or donations can be sent to First Caribbean Bank AC# 2645374.

To whom much is given, much is expected and we are above all, our brother’s keeper. Boxes may be delivered to the below address for airlift facilitation; please call to facilitate delivery. We thank you and may God bless you for your kind assistance.

The Women Entrepreneurs of Barbados

Balmoral Gap, Hastings, Christ Church

Tel: 246 228 3141

Dawnay R. St. John, WEB, CAWE ~

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