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On Location Barbados presents our compliments.

We write on behalf of our client, United Caribbean Trust, to direct your attention to the discussed proposal for the production of a fund seeking mechanism for recording artistes of Grenada.

As founder members of the United Caribbean Trust, the collaborative network and talents of On Location Barbados and Caribzones Inc. have been made available to facilitate the “Save the World” vision and we are grateful for your kind consideration of support and participation.

Warm regards,

Dawnay R. St. John
On Location Barbados

For: United Caribbean Trust
Reggae Foundation of Grenada



Cosmas Hagley To produce a fund raising mechanism in the format of a Reggae CD titled “SAVE THE WORLD”©. This production is the brain-child of Mr. Cosmas Hagley, President of the Reggae Foundation of Grenada and Executive producer. All rights reserved.


The concept of “Save the World” © is an integrated compilation of hearticle Calypso and conscious Roots Reggae artistic compositions, which will be produced “Live ~ In Concert” and duplicated on CD format, to dedicate funds raised, to the post-Hurricane Reconstruction efforts.

Cosmas Hagley
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The works also include a synergy between two artistes whose differing styles complement the theme; another key focal point of the production is the non-traditional musical inputs of children, whose lives have been impacted by the tragic weather event. The musical contribution of the children, are a poignant addition to an otherwise spectacular selection by Grenadian artists, whose collaborative and evolving individual efforts comprise an experiential range of traditional and contemporary calypso and folk and roots reggae rhythms.

Damaged by hurricane Ivan six months agoThe synergistic sounds represent a revival of peace and hope for a positive and dynamic change to a small tropical livity, permanently changed by Hurricane Ivan.


“SAVE THE WORLD ©” will be promoted in a series of markets to enhance the production’s visibility; it will also identify a select demographic of consumers, and will integrate into the fund - seeking mechanisms of European and North American niche markets. These market niches will comprise expatriate organizations, seeking to assist with the rebuilding of the Tri Island state of Grenada. Additionally, a series of products (video documentary, book, shirts, posters) will eventually be merchandized; a video-documented promotional tour is also proposed locally, to augment the consciousness of donor agencies and enhance fundraising capabilities.


Cosmas HagleySAVE THE WORLD” © was written by Mr. Hagley in (year). He has projected that funds raised by the sale of this artistic production will be used to assist with community recovery projects, necessary in the wake of Hurricane Ivan. These projects will include:
* Production Studio Equipment Replacement;
* Music Student's Mentoring project;
* Community Elderly Feeding programme;


Cosmas HagleyMr. Hagley has a comprehensive selection of over 500 compositions, which are available for consideration in the production of “Save the World” ©. These pieces include:
* Title track;
* Ruby;
* Ras Cossie ~ Dave Dog ‘New Synergy’;
* Burn Fire;
* Free the Lion;
* Your Heartbreak


Artist management is a specialized arena, extremely hands-on that cannot be done by remote. It is an extremely personal relationship that has to be built, and one that has to be, ‘ on location’. Commuting will not work, therefore it is recommended that Miss. Margaret Wilkinson of ww&w in Grenada, who has some experience in this area is considered for the project. Additionally, the services of Ms. Santia Bradshaw may also be utilized in Barbados.

All rights are reserved on this production and Copyrights are the property of Mr. Cosmos Hagley and Mr. David Calliste, respectively.

Blender say: “What you see now, Ras see from yonder…."


Demos duplicated by Sean Fields at IKON 9 April 2005 (dsj)
Demos to Michael Commissiong ~ hand delivered 11 April 2005
Demos to Santia Bradshaw hand delivered 18 April 2005

Stills and Video Photo Session ~ Jenny Tryhane ~UCT 119 April 2005

Barbados Meetings projected: Dates to be confirmed.
* Michael Commissiong at Elite;
* John King @ Jegna;
* Phillip Best at Best Records;
* Derek Field;
* Sean “Professor Love “ Fields, IKON
* Waterfront Café Thursday ~ Ceecee;
* Studio demo performance;
* Mornin’ Barbados television appearance;
* Chat Room television appearance;
* Radio Interviews:
* Music Student Interactive;
* Bajan DJ Interactive;


Airfare x 1 week
Per Diem
Vegetarian Meals ~ Restaurant sponsorship
Ground Transportation

Live concert ~ venue and date to be confirmed.

It is recommended that Artistes explore option of joining the “Country Caravan” of Agency for Reconstruction and Development slated for 28 -30 April 2005 for island tour and test run for mobile recording and video documentary.
Dr. Jennifer Dolly is an ARD project facilitator and should be contacted at 1-473 - 439-5909.

“… We asking in Humble Faith for Blessings of Wisdom, Knowledge and Overstanding while raising Praises and Thanksgiving…”

Mr. Cosmas Hagley ~ Reggae Foundation of Grenada

David Calliste ~ Dave Dog Records
Dawnay R. St. John, United Caribbean Trust /On Location Barbados
Jenny Tryhane, United Caribbean Trust/Caribzones
John King, Jegna Inc.

Mr Bunny Best, Best Records
Derek Field, Angel Networks
Michael Commissiong, Elite Productions Inc.

Sean Michael Field, IKON Graphics
Jenny Tryhane, Stills Photography
Rivolino Simmons, Video Photography

Logic Framework dictates:
Mr. Hagley ~ Barbados planning meeting;
Produce proposal ~ project facilitators ~ current
Budget Estimates ~ Elite Productions Inc.
Identify Sponsorship ~ CRS ~ On Location Barbados
Partnerships and legal: ? Wilkinson / Bradshaw collaborative effort
Edit materials ~ Elite
Record ~ Elite Mobile Studios Division
DVD ~ IKON Graphics
Photography: Jenny Tryhane ~ UCT
Website Design: Jenny Tryhane ~UCT
Package Design: Visions ~ Jefferson Christmas
Marketing ~ CRS ~ On Location Barbados ~ Caribbean Development Trust
CD mass production ~ Best Records ~Phillip Best

“We asking in humble Faith, for the right mix of people, places and services for success in this Overcoming…”


Airfares: $309.00 return each x 1 week (ref: C'bean Star Conrate for UCT)


Executive Producer: $10,000.00
Backing Band: $5,000.00
Legal x 2 : $5000.00
Administration: $3500.00
Project facilitators: 10% net tithe
Mobile Studio: $4000.00
Video: $3000.00
Photography: $ 2000.00 package
Web design and hosting:

Ground Transport: $300.00 x 7 $2100.00 $650.00 per wk.
Live Recording:

“We seek the prosperity and abundance that yields from honouring our purpose and a hearticle appreciation of our Father - given talents.”

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