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In the heart of the civil war, in the midst of war, famine, horrible stories of oppressions, continual bombings by Khartoum, recent missile attack, there is ONE place in New Sudan that stands out as a source of hope, a lighthouse for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the new Bible School located in Yei.

When GOD told Michael to move to Sudan to preach Jesus Christ, Michael said "Find someone else!"

GOD said .. "There IS no one else" so Michael moved to Sudan and started a Bible School

He's won many to the Lord, and has witnessed MANY miracles. Michael is a VERY INSPIRING speaker! A powerful man of GOD

Michael Howard was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa. He made his commitment to the Lord while in high school & shortly before completing college he decided that his life was to be totally dedicated to the Lord and to the salvation of souls. He was ordained under Assemblies of God in Zimbabwe & pastored for 4 years before moving to Chipinge on the eastern border with Mozambique. It was there that God gave the vision for a missionary organization and Shekinah Ministries was birthed in the Spirit. Michael, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, began to operate in the areas where no others would go. Michael takes his teams to bring life out of death situations and hope to the helpless. The life and hope that only the Lord Jesus Christ can bring.


Michael is a fascinating, captivating, and inspiring speaker!
Someone must make a documentary of this man's experiences, they
are graphic! He gives personal testimony, his personal experience of God's miracles in the Sudan! He deals with muslims and has seen them saved and filled with Jesus Christ! Our LORD is REAL to this man, as Jesus is not this real to most Christians!

God willing, Pastor Samuel from Sudan and Richard Bayne a Barbadian missionary the founder of Battle Cry Ministry, whilst on a short mission trip to Sudan will attempt to make contact with Michael Howard to forge a strong strategic alliance.

Your prayers and financial help are needed to sponsor this venture.

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