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Sudan - child support

For more than 10 years, I have been praying for the nation of Sudan.

The black Christians, who live mainly in the South of Sudan, are being persecuted for their faith! The Sudanese Government wished to build a Muslim Utopia, which meant that all Christians and other religions have to be removed from Sudan. The Government denies any association with the Janjiweed fighters who are systematically moving through Sudan killing, raping and torturing the Sudanese Christians.

However, the stories that are coming out of Sudan say different. Planes come first and bomb villages. Then the Sudanese army or the Janjiweed militias move in to burn the villages, destroy the crops and livestock, and to kill the people. Some people are sold as slaves. Those who can… flee for their lives crossing through the jungle and the desert with little food or water, to try to reach a refugee camp and some hope of safety.

Parents have instructed their children that if the bombing comes to their village, to just run and hide in the jungle. Many children have done just that. Many children do not know what has become of their parents or other family members. If they are lucky, they will find each other somewhere along the trek to a refugee camp. Many families are displaced and torn apart.

This Civil War that has gone on for more than 20 years, has impoverished the Sudanese people. Many are very poor. Many have little hope. Many live in fear.

In January, 2007, God said to me, “Feed the children”.

Many children have been orphaned because of this Civil War and also, from Aids. Even if they are living with an adult family member, there may be a lot of mouths to feed. And so, Sudan-Aid would like to assist in providing Orphan Care to those in need.

How will we help to feed these children?

1. We will provide seed and tools needed to grow food.

2. We will purchase cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, etc. to rebuild livestock herds, to provide a supply of dairy products and meat.

Pastor Sam, our UCT Representative, will spear head this Orphan Care Project. We will also be feeding his family, and his team of workers who will assist in food cultivation and livestock rearing.

US $xx will purchase a goat or sheep
US $xx will purchase a cow
US $xx will purchase a chicken
US $xx will purchase a pig

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