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Sudan -

Sudan is Africa's largest country, almost 918,000 square mile. Unfortunately military conflicts, civil unrest and neighboring disputes have damaged Sudan’s domestic strengths.

Help Stop the Genocide in Darfur
2.5 million people have already been driven from their homes in Darfur, Sudan. The refugees now face starvation, disease, and rape, while those who remain in Darfur risk displacement, torture, and murder. We must act quickly and decisively to end this genocide before hundreds of thousands more people are killed.


The population exceeds 35 million. The capital city is Khartoum, the currency used is the Sudanese Dinar and the official language in Sudan is Arabic.

The Sudanese climate varies from tropical weather in the south to desert conditions in the north. Sesame, cotton and sugar production is focused along the River Nile and its many tributaries.

Tourism is now almost non-existent. Severe famine is not unknown and the country depends on foreign food aid and missions.

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